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Anonymous asked: Do you think your tech could be put inside an HMD like Oculus for use as a positional tracker? Like put the entire system inside the rift, receiver and all. Or would a constantly moving point of reference (the receivers) throw the whole tracking system off? Hope this made sense and good luck!

The tracking markers could be placed on anything.  In the video there is one marker on each controller half so the system knows where each hand is. The same markers could be used on a head-mounted display like the Oculus or others to report the absolute (x,y,z) location of the display anywhere in the room relative to the room itself.

There are many applications for the location tech besides the game controller and we hope to explore them in the future.


Mad Genius Controllers

"Console Independent - One Controller for all consoles

Customizable Game Profiles - play how YOU want to play

Perform Perfect Combos everytime by replacing strings of button presses with a simple move

Stop Scrolling through menus to select weapons - imagine them holstered on your body, and reach for them

Fly, Drive, Shoot : Battlefront like you’ve never played it before

Use it as a Flight Simulator Control Stick or Steering Wheel

Works with most Existing Game Titles.”

"The Mad Genius Controller system is a unique motion tracking game controller that is totally console independent and does not require games to be written specifically for it. It will enable the gamer to map their own choice of movements and motions to their existing game titles, offering a totally new and immersive manner of game play where traditional controller functions can be combined with incredibly accurate motion control." both taken from here

Guys, this controller is really cool. It can work for any gaming console and just imagine paying Portal on it - holy wow. Original xBox, PS1, the first Wolfenstein. Please watch this video and help fund the great creator of this amazing device once the Kickstarter campaign begins. Stay tuned…


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omgharleywalter asked: Does the controller need a camera? Do I need anything else for it to work? Hope the new movement controller comes out soon. I built my own desktop including peripherals for over $1800,

It doesn’t need a camera. It will have four small receivers that will attach to the outside of the TV frame. They’ll likely all be wired together. These will plug into a small box with the brains in it. The brain box plugs into the console and that’s it. No other additional hardware is necessary. 

Excited to announce that we will be at CES with Murata! Booth No. 36231, South Hall 4 Upper Level. Come say hi!

Update time! We’ve been working hard and have this mockup to share with you. Next will be a wireless version. We’re building this so we can show it working wirelessly, like the final version will. This design isn’t carved in stone. We’ll be doing a lot of testing to fine-tune the shape and buttons before we settle on a final design. We’re also focusing on keeping everything as lightweight as possible. Weight and balance are very important and we’re putting a lot of effort into these factors!

電玩宅速配20130703_「Mad Genius」第一人稱體感進化 (by efunTV)

This is awesome!

Anonymous asked: Will the mad genius controllers support pc ps4 & xbox one

Yes. Not right away, of course, because we don’t have one around to figure out the controller plug interface. But, once we have one we’ll do it.

jehbus asked: I mean if a game uses the Move as a pointer and I want to use your controller instead; will I be able to use just your controller as a pointer or will I have to use the Move along side your controller? Games that use the Move as a pointer only work if the controller is on. And the controller has to be in viewing range of the PS Eye camera, otherwise you get a error message stating that the controller is out of range. Cont...

Our controller plugs in as if it was a “normal” controller. If a game requires a Move controller to be in view our controller can’t remove that requirement at this time, so you would need a Move controller in view to satisfy the game’s software.

jehbus asked: Since the Move requires the PS Eye to work, and the Eye requires the Move to be within range of the lens; Does your controller work with games that support the PS3's Move Controller, Navigation Contoller, and Sharpshooter?

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you’re asking. It works with any game. It doesn’t interface with the Move Controller so it doesn’t matter if the game supports the Move Controller or not.